The following companies have graciously donated these prizes. Registered attendees are entered to win any of these giveaways! Must be present to win!
Over $21,000 worth of giveaways!


Andrechelle I Booth #806

Free 1 year hosting MSRP: $240
We are giving away a one year FREE website hosting to help get your business off to a great start!

Electro Motor I Booth #609

Ten South Point Gift Cards MSRP: $50 ea
We are giving away 10 gift cards so you can go and enjoy the restaurants bowling alley, spa, or the movie theatre at South Point!

Masterblend I Booth #700

SoapFree Upholstery Cleaner MSRP: $180
RedLine Pre-Spray MSRP: $180
Anti-Allergen Starter Kit MSRP: $250

Rugged Industries I Booth #910

Two Rug Sucker Sets MSRP: $399 ea
A tool for every carpet cleaner. It extracts dirt from any kind of area rug and this set comes with two 3 ft Rug Suckers, one vent cap, and one clear swivel elbow. 

StonePro I Booth #900

Boot Camp Scholarship MSRP: $750
Three day intense, 100% hands-on, interactive training on all the new techniques and products in natural stone and concrete restoration and maintenance. Click here for more information.

Symphosize I Booth #307
One Year of ResponsiBid Premium MSRP: $180
This is one year of fully automated proposal generation, website proposal building, and follow-up with clients and leads.

Cal Tool Supply I Booth #504
TI Challenger MSRP: $895
This 14″ four jet wand features a 2″ titanium tube.

Phenomenal Products I Booth #402

Free Business Growth Package MSRP: $297
This package includes video, audio and handouts to 3 session with Howard Partridge on “How To Be Phenomenally Successful in Business and Life”. These sessions were recorded at a conference which business owners travel from around the world to attend. Click here for more information.

Thornell Corporation-Odorcide I Booth #602

One Case of Odorcide Gallons MSRP: $328
One Case of Duralast Gallons MSRP: $260
Four gallons per case! Odorcide eliminates odors instead of masking or covering them up. Highly concentrated, safe, and economical to use. Use as a pre-spray, with the cleaning agent, in the rinse and/or as a post spray to get rid of pet urine, mildew, smoke, and many other sever malodors. 

Rotowash I Booth #314
South Point Gift Card MSRP: $100
We are giving away a gift card so you can go and enjoy the restaurants bowling alley, spa, or the movie theatre at South Point!

Americolor I Booth #503

Two Sets of Homeowner 5 Pen Kit MSRP: $50 ea
The most popular kit for smaller bleach spots because it comes with 3 color of your choice, bleach neutralizer and a dye pen remover. Suggested because there is not one magic color that will work for your carpet. The dye pen remover is there just in case you go too dark. The bleach neutralizer to neutralize the active chlorine crystals.

Dultmeier Sales I Booth #506

Three LED Flashlights MSRP: $44 ea
Lightweight, ergonomic housing. Produces amazing 240 lumens for a distance of up to 600 feet. Requires 3 AAA batteries. Overall length is 4.6″

Seal Canvas Products I Booth #807

Gift Certificate for a Seal-A-Door MSRP: $325
The “easy in/out” accessory that will demonstrate to your customer your consideration for their interior environment. Keep heat or a/c in and cold,heat, or humidity out. Also eliminates the “have you seen my cat?” question. From the very get go, you are displaying your “customer care” commitment.

Easy Stone Care I Booth #701

Granite Counter Service Kit MSRP: $400
The master service kit is the most comprehensive kit on the market for bringing that original polish back to your client’s counter tops. The kit comes with everything you need to thoroughly clean, polish, and seal granite counters that simply polishing will not remove.

Haviland Contoured Plastics I Booth #705

Commercial Heavy Duty Vacuum Hose MSRP: $149
Rugged, yet flexible. Haviland’s I-Helix 50 ft hose is a work horse. Smooth bore interior keeps wastes flowing through this hose and the tough cap on the outside glides across anything from carpet to concrete.

Mytee Products I Booth #610

ECO-17 Orbital Encap Machine MSRP: $2,499
Uses orbiting technology to combine two movements that thoroughly clean carpet fibers. The head rotates around the center of the driver plate, producing a second random orbital movement that results in little to no torque for smooth operation. 


Five 12″ Stair Tools MSRP: $399 ea.
For cleaning stairs, Mytee’s 8012ST Bentley™ Stair Tool Carpet Wand is a must-have with unmatched quality and performance. Built from durable, lightweight polished titanium, this tool allows you to easily clean stairs without breaking your back. Everything about this user-friendly stair tool is designed to reduce operator strain and fatigue.


Mytee Dry Upholstery Tool MSRP: $349
The Mytee Dry™ is unlike any upholstery tool on the market with a unique Comfort Grip handle that eliminates strain to the wrist and a durable stainless steel glide that allows for fluid back-and-forth cleaning motions. The easy-access adjustable flow valve makes the Mytee Dry™ perfect for any cleaning job, from automotive detailing to upholstery cleanings.

Solo Inc I Booth #306

400-1G Sprayer MSRP: $13.90
Durable, 21″ plastic wand and shut-off valve assembly. 34″pvc hose, easy to fill funnel top, ergonomically designed pump and carrying handle, pressure relief valve vents excess pressure, plastic adjustable spray nozzle adjusts from stream to mist.

404-V Sprayer MSRP: $19.95
All Viton seals for use with bleach and other harsh chemicals to ensure durability. Ergonomically designed carrying hand with trigger lock-on feature, includes adjustable and flat spray nozzles, tee-jet compatible. 

419 Sprayer MSRP: $21.10
Lightweight and versatile, one hand pressure is perfect for pest control, carpet spot treating, cleaning, and more!

404-VF Sprayer MSRP: $27.90
All Viton seals and foaming nozzles for use with foaming chemicals. Ergonomically designed carrying handle with trigger lock-on feature,
 includes adjustable and flat spray nozzles, tee-jet compatible.

454-HD Sprayer MSRP: $59.95
Engineered specifically for the professional. Ideal for applying degreasers, waterproofing, carpet care chemicals, disinfectants, and many other compounds.

425-HD Sprayer MSRP: $130
Designed to make even the largest spraying jobs manageable. Unique fluid-driven pump design pressurizes to working press as few as eight to ten strokes. Easily provides consistent press when precision application is required.

Trinity Renewal Systems I Booth #607

Trinity MX MSRP: $4,495
The MX is our most versatile machine with a floating or stationary handle, and can easily clean carpet, tile & grout, stone, vinyl, concrete, marble, brick, wood, and much more! Weighing in about 125 lbs, the MX has an attached spray system ad 60PSI pump, 1 HP dual capacitor industrial motor operating at 5.5 amps and 1725 ops and 100RPM, and approximately 1850TPM with an 18″ head that is easy to maneuver around corners. 

Phoenix Restoration I Booth #704

Three AirMax Radial Airmovers MSRP: $299 ea
Its compact 20.5″ x 17″ footprint and 8″ height make the Phoenix AirMax the most compact and portable fan in its class. The rugged molded in handle gives you the solid control required when packing and unpacking lots of air movers. Because of its deeply-molded interlocking features, the Phoenix AirMax is rock solid when stacked for transport.

Rotovac I Booth #409

Shear Dry Upholstery Tool MSRP: $395
A chance to win a Rotovac ShearDry jetless upholstery tool with 10 ft hide-a-hose!

Broadly I Booth #703

Visa Gift Card MSRP: $100
Enjoy the amenities at South Point by using your gift card for any of the restaurants, bowling alley, spa, or movie theatre!

HydraMaster I Booth #200

CleanMater Professional Spotting Kit MSRP: $150

Everything you need to become the stain removal expert. The spotting kit contains our most popular spot and stain removal products. Everything you need for red stains to pet urine to wood stain to mustard. 6 quarts of premium stain removal products along with a tamping brush, step by step instruction CD, and spotting towels. Carried in an insulated bag to protect the contents.

AirMax Radial Air Mover MSRP: $299
925 CFM and 1.9amps- best in its class, daisy chain up to six units on a single 15amp circuit, variable speed control, stackable, interlocking storage and transportation, stable in multiple positions, easy winding cord, GFCI protection, ETL tested

1.5″ Evolution Wand MSRP: $700
Rotationally Molded Delrin Glide Carpet Cleaning Wand.Rotationally molded to reduce weight and increase durability. Laminar airflow design improves airflow, increases extraction performance, and reduces drying time Laboratory tested to leave less residual moisture in the carpet. Delrin glide is rotationally molded into the wand head for airtight fit and no slippage

Rug Advocate I Booth #808
Customer Info Flyers MSRP: $299
Full set of 12 packs (50 per pack). These flyers provide 3rd party, validation and reinforcement of the advice you give to your customers.

DBK USA I Booth #304

Four Visa Gift Cards MSRP: $50 ea
Enjoy the amenities at South Point by using your gift card for any of the restaurants, bowling alley, spa, or movie theatre!


Colorful Carpets I Booth #615

Two Spot Dye Kits MSRP: $250 ea
Kits for repairing bleach spots. Dyes are extremely concentrated. One kit is sufficient for hundreds of color repair jobs. Dyes are non-toxic and odor-free Guaranteed permanent and colorfast for the lift of the carpet/rug.

Vaportek I Booth #406

Restorator with 3X Industrial Cartridge MSRP: $336.60
Electric, easy to use, portable, dry vapor system. Vaportek is the pioneering force behind essential oil, dry vapor technology. Place your trust in Vaportek and our original been of oils for effective and permanent odor elimination. 

Stainout System I Booth #707

Two SOS Tools with Gallon of Happy Paws Chemical MSRP: $69.98 ea
Allows for targeted airflow to the pad and backing beneath the carpet to extract contaminants, odors, and liquids, such as pet urine, odor, feces, vomit, and more. This tool works in conjunction with our “Smiley Paws Urine, Stain, Odor Remover.”

SOS Pro with Gallon of Happy Paws Chemical MSRP: $328.99
Ideal for carpet cleaning jobs such as removing pet urine and odor, feces, vomit, and any other carpet cleaning job which requires that an are be saturated before extraction. The SOS Pro works with carpet extractors and truckmounts for powerful suction. 
This tool works in conjunction with our “Smiley Paws Urine, Stain, Odor Remover.”

Rug Reviver I Booth #910

Ten Rug Sucker Swag T-Shirts MSRP: $10 ea
Get ready to look too cool for school by winning our award winning T-Shirt. 

Zipperwand I Booth #807
5 Gallon Pail of Zip Away High PH Citrus Prespray with a $700 coupon for a Zipperwand
MSRP: $125.00

Chemical Technologies International I Booth #309

Four Restoration Vapor Kits  MSRP: $99.80 ea
The restoration vapor kits includes the following: 1 vapor generator, 1 institutional vapor bar, 1 smoke vapor bar, and 1 urine vapor bar

Encapstore I Booth #805
Mixed Encap and Pad Box MSRP: $279.00
Four gallons of encap indcluding Awesome Encap,Peroxcellent and Grease Hawg. We’re also including a mixed pad bundle that includes Planetary, microfiber and cotton pads! 

KleenRite I Booth #709

Element Carpet Cleaning Machine MSRP: $1,436.00
Win a carpet cleaning machine that is equipped with 120PSI and has dual vac motors!

Gorilla Truck Box I Booth #206

Four Chemical Starter Packs MSRP: $100.00 ea
Each starter pack comes with 4 gallons of Gorilla Chemical’s top selling items; Gorilla Flex Carpet Pre-Spray, Mountain Fresh Deodorizer, Urine Attack Pet Spotter,  and an Enzyme Grease Eater Powdered Carpet Pre-Spray. 






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