FAQ For Exhibitors

How do I sign up to exhibit?
You can sign up to exhibit by using this link here.

I am looking for more exposure this year, any ideas how I can do so?
Yes! This year we have opened more opportunities for you.
1.) Our marketing packages include emails blasts, participating in our annual scavenger hunt, advertising in our official ICE Show Guide. 2.) We also have sponsorship packages to choose from that come with discounted marketing packages as well as exposure on our website, email blasts, and signage at the show. 3.) Lastly, we have the giveaways that attendees always anticipate each year. You get your item advertised as well as your company throughout the year and the days of the show you will also be announced.

What is included with my booth?
All booths come with drape, carpet, and a company sign. Each 10×10 booth comes with TWO FREE personnel badges. If extra badges are needed, there will be a charge of $25 per badge if registered before January 13th. If extra badges are registered after January 13th, there will be a $35 charge.

How do i rent chairs and tables?
We have an exhibitor kit on our website. You can view rental rates and order forms.

Does electricity come with my booth?
Electricity is separate from your booth rental. The rates and order form will be in the exhibitor kit on our website.

Is there internet in the exhibit hall?
There is internet at the South Point Exhibit Hall. You will need to order that from South Point Hotel. You can find the order form in the exhibitor kit. We also offer a sponsorship package that allows users to sign on for internet using a custom log in page with your company and logo. Not only does sponsoring give you added exposure but it also provides internet for all exhibitors and attendees!

Will I be charged to bring items to my booth?
Yes, depending on how much you are looking to bring for your booth. If you are only brining in less than 35lbs and and can carry it in, Xpert will not charge you. For the full list of material handling options, check our exhibitor kit on our website.

How can I be apart of the ICE Cool Deal Flyer?
The ICE cool deal flyer shows exclusive deals and specials that the manufacturers add specifically for our show. These deals are added to the official ICE Show Guide. To be added to the flyer please click here.

Is there a lead retrieval system at the show?
All badges have a QR code on them. Download a QR Reader app on your smart phone and you can capture the information of everyone that comes to your booth!

Is there a list of leads we can purchase after the show?
We do offer a list for purchase. Please email info@iceexpo.org after the show for rates.


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